To be successful
in China,
you must
understand China

So you want to go to China?

You are looking for an industrial location, business partner, e.g. for a joint venture or a sales market for your products? Or are you already there? You have taken your first steps in the largest growth market of the future, but you cannot make any headway? Perhaps you have seen that you need a new strategic direction for your business in China?

Chinas economy

Economic involvement in the People's Republic of China requires a detailed knowledge of the country, quite unlike that needed in any other economic area – a deep understanding of the mentality, the language, the culture and the rapidly changing dynamics of the local economy.

My offer

Dr. Therese Geulen

As an economics graduate and sinologist, foreign trade specialist and experienced China consultant, I know the country, its people and I speak the language.

Make use of my expertise in China. East Asian Affairs goes everywhere with you in China.