Tolerating idiosyncrasies
- bridging differences

Are you fit for the "Middle Kingdom"?

Carry out the China Check!

Are you considering involvement in China and would like to know if your company is already “fit for China”? Then “Carry out the China Check!”

With this offer, you can determine at short notice and at reasonable cost whether China is a possible and/or good cooperation partner for your company.

Are you interested?

Then simply get in contact with us. contact

Then simply get in contact with us.

“Dr Geulen knows the conditions and problems under which medium-sized companies operate very exactly. She was able to gain the trust of Asian, American and European companies quickly. Then, on market entry, she received energetic assistance from other companies she advised.”

Dirk Pfeifferling, Managing Director of Internationalen Technologie- und Service-Centers Baesweiler GmbH