Strategic direction

Hit, not just aim!

Do you want to expand your business in China or in the South-East Asian region? Perhaps you already have a production site in China and would like to have a larger footprint in the Asian market? Do you want to know how your products should be adapted to “catch on” in the Chinese market?

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Today, the Chinese market is characterised by great dynamism – short rapidly changing product cycles, limited customer loyalty, quickly growing needs, high staff turnover and large regional differences.

This demands a high degree of flexibility and knowledge from German and European business partners.

Strategy development

I provide support, ensuring that you keep pace with China's rapid economic growth and make new specifically targeted strategic decisions.

What my customers say

“Dr Geulen provided us with a clear highly detailed expert assessment which enabled us to build a realistic picture of Chinese relationships. Her mediation and valuable presence as a travel guide made a substantial contribution to our being able to establish valuable contacts in China. She made it possible for us to prepare and follow up negotiations successfully and to arrange our discussions and experiences in a proper manner.”

Dr Frank Reichert, Director Cyberlab Singapore, Ericsson Radio Communications, Singapore

Initial steps

Going east – Welcome 您 好

If you want to implement your China strategy by taking firm, surefooted initial steps, ask yourself these pertinent questions:

  • How will you find trustworthy partners and skilled employees?
  • How will you recognise reliable business partners?
  • How will you find your way through the maze of Chinese administration and cope with the legal situation?

I am at home – also in China.

Consequently, I will support you in the following key initial steps:

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Establish contacts

I will establish contacts in China and South-East Asia for you, find potential partners, assess their suitability and hold exploratory talks.

Accompany negotiations

I will prepare the cooperation with your Asian partners. We will define your goals and advance your position in negotiations. As an economist, sinologist and certified translator, I will state your position and interests unequivocally and diplomatically.

Clarify the legal framework

Parallel to contract negotiations, I will duly check the compatibility with Chinese legal regulations at federal, provincial and local level in cooperation with a lawyer specialised in China. I will advise you in drawing up your project proposals and in the protection of your intellectual property.

Initiate scientific cooperation

I know the rules and peculiarities of the Asian university and research landscape. I also have extensive experience in China's social, political and economic culture. I can establish links for you with important institutions in China and in South-East Asia.

Manage projects professionally

I will accompany and support your project in the Chinese market – from successful start or start-up to the completion of your milestones.

What my customers say

“Dr Therese Geulen brought us a good deal forward in the Asian market. Her knowledge of the Asian way of life, mentality and economy was indispensable to us. She helped us to avoid making major mistakes and achieve our goals. Thanks to the contacts she provided, we were able to find committed dealers and build up a powerful network of business relationships.”

Arno Müller, Authorised Signatory, PHD GmbH (Fort Wayne), Baesweiler

Prepare your employees

To live and work in China is an adventure. Make it easy for your employees and their families to find their feet in a new continent and in a new cultural environment.

Cultuaral training

In individual training or in groups, I prepare management executives and employees for their deployment to China – all courses are tailored specifically to meet the expected requirements.

In this way, you avoid misunderstandings, loss of time and frustration from the very first day and make your arrival in China all the easier.

Seminars and further education

You want to keep up to date with what is going on in China at the political level, how framework conditions are changing or which trends are emerging?

Take part in the qualified seminars held by East Asian Affairs on topical issues to keep you right up to date.

What my customers say

Hallo Dr Geulen,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the great seminar you held. In fact, given the opportunity, I would have flown to China directly last Friday!”

Martina Schütte, Melitta Haushaltsprodukte, Minden


Tracing the root cause of a conflict

Has your Asian representative hit an imaginary wall? The production figures are bobbing up and down or your Chinese production site is running way behind schedule on the introduction of new systems or products? The causes for such problems are numerous and often lie hidden.

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Solving problems

I will trace the source of the problem for you. Are human resources too sparse? Are there inter-cultural communication problems? Is someone putting a spanner in the works? Does the corporate culture not fit? I will find out on site why the project in question has stalled or ground to a halt and will assist you to get things back on track.

With mediation to the desired goal

When things are no longer working between you and your Chinese partner, I can offer German-Chinese mediation. Along with my partners from China, I will help you bring the conflicting parties around the table and find a viable solution for all concerned.

What my customers say

“Although I have been visiting China since 1980/81 at intervals of up to six months, this seminar was very helpful. Ambiguities in the past are now easier to understand. Through critical remarks (which are not usual and which everyone doesn't necessarily want to hear), the knowledge learned can be applied in the future. The offer, extending beyond this actively supportive seminar, adds up to an altogether positive result.”

Mathias Wachsmann, Barmag Brückner Engineering