Exchange on an equal footing

Germans and Chinese are ideal partners

Since I first visited China at the end of the 80s, the world across there has changed enormously. From a country of “blue ants”, the self-assured “Middle Kingdom” has evolved – a nation now striving to lead the world economy.

In terms of gross national product, China will soon overtake the EU and draw level with the economic output of the USA.

China is the current world leader with regard to economic growth, accounting for more than a third of global growth – almost twice as much as all the other industrial nations put together.

That said, the new force that China receives from companies in Germany and Europe is, as previously, underestimated.

Time and time again, I encounter companies which enter into negotiations totally convinced that their Chinese partner can still learn a lot from them. And vice versa?

The opportunity for German and European companies lies exactly here: Cooperation with China has to be more than just a one-sided transfer of knowledge from the West to the East.

Mutual enrichment is the aim. He who recognises this can grow with China.

Therese Geulen

Fiddle about with it, play with it, try it

Common values bind us together

From my experience, Chinese and German companies make ideal partners: Germans, like the Chinese, are characterised by their drive to push forward, the desire for success, an enjoyment in playing the game, in improvisation and experimentation, the support of a stable set of values, the passion for creating new things and the realisation that, in some sectors, longevity is a necessity.

My perception, after more than 20 years of involvement in China, is that: Appreciation of the other person's culture establishes trust and facilitates mutual success.

And trust is based on knowledge and know-how

To enhance the image of China in the West with facts, I have accepted the Chairmanship of the 'Bonner Gesellschaft für China-Studien e.V.' and the 'Ostasien-Instituts'. I have been teaching Business Ethics at the International University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef/Bonn (IUBH) since the summer term 2014.

Learn to understand and appreciate China with me.