Dr. Therese Geulen

My fascination: China

Dr. Therese Geulen

China and South-East Asia have fascinated me from an early age. During my studies in Sinology, Japanese and Political Economy, I moved to China. There in 1989, I experienced the growing self-awareness of young Chinese and, on many consultation trips, witnessed a country undergoing rapid change. My doctoral thesis was inspired by the way German and Western companies gained a foothold in the market. Today, I have found many answers with regard to social reality in China.

This is what sets me apart:

  1. I have a deep and practical understanding of companies, both in Germany and in China.
  2. I have worked hand in hand with Chinese and German companies for many years. I am not a beginner; I am a senior consultant.
  3. I am firmly rooted in Chinese culture – it has been my passion right from the beginning.

My comtetence

Business Sinologie

  • Trained as a wholesale and foreign trade specialist
  • Qualified translator of Chinese and Japanese
  • Additional subject studied: Economics
  • Many years experience as the commercial manager of a start-up centre with companies from more than 12 countries successfully established
  • Commercial manager of an American mechanical engineering company – manager of its German head office; responsible for the Asian market
  • Graduate in Sinology, Japanese and Political Economy
  • Doctoral thesis: Entry Strategy for German and Other Western Companies in the Chinese Market
  • Many years as a consultant to Western companies with activities in China/Greater China
  • Manager of the 'Bonner Gesellschaft für China-Studien e.V.' and the 'Ostasien-Institut e.V.' – both are research-orientated China associations with large networks in China/Greater China, promoting exchanges in science, technology, culture, education and research.
  • Managing director of East Asian Affairs: Troubleshooting for Western companies in China.

Main focal points: Human Resources, positioning, optimisation of the organisation and operational procedures.

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